Power Shift "Drive Your Mind"

Have you experienced times in your life where you have felt stuck?  Your foot is on the gas pedal, but you are not moving any where.  You can hear the engine of life rev up and you look around and others are passing you by.   This resource will equip you with tools to jump start and develop strong relationships by shifting your thinking from auto to a manual transmission.  Using our spiritual G.P.S. (God’s Positional System) learn how God has given us life manual to live a purposeful and victorious life.

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Understanding what is underneath the hood of your car determines how far you will go.  Regular tune ups are important to make sure we are getting to the destination while maintaining safety.  Our thought process drives our daily actions and guides the decisions we make.  If we are not filling ourselves with the proper fuel, we will eventually run out of gas.  Below I have provided a PDF from our workshops to help guide you in the process.

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Power Shift and Drive Your Thoughts

You have the ability to take your thoughts captive.  In order to do so you must identify the type of thinker you are.  Identifying your thought pattern is the first step to freedom.  

Think like a Thermostat

Thinking like a thermostat helps you regulate your thoughts.  When you understand you have control to change the climate in your relationships and circumstances life becomes easier to manage.  

God Teaches through a Traffic Light

Steps to Get On-Stuck

This podcast features DJ Lopez in the nationally syndicated podcast Be Healthy in a Hurry.  Prepare your self to receive a bucket of tools that will help you transform your life in the areas you feel stuck in. 

Did you ever wonder why you get stuck in a loop with how you process information or react to certain situations? What if there was an easy way to reframe your thinking so you could change that? A simple key, yet to be discovered?


Ben Lopez, known as DJLopez and Lifecoach180 by those who know him, love him, and follow him, shares his Systems Thinking approach to relationships in a new, fresh, and authentic way. Ben opens his heart, opens his life, and opens his struggles and shares how the Systems Thinking Approach with a Level I, Level II, and Level III way of thinking was born. This easy to apply method will have you reframing and re-examining the way you react within moments for a fresher, clearer, more useful style of communicating and managing emotions. The result: improving your attitude and your relationships.