Life Coach 180

The 3 E Method focuses on

  1. Engage- Connect with others and develop relationships
  2. Equip-continue to obtain tools to craft the vision and purpose God has for you.
  3. Empower-develop other future leaders by teaching and coaching 

Define Your Purpose

The Time is Now…….

  1. Comfort will never bring about change.
  2. Don’t hide your gift or take for granted your ability to transform the life of a student.
  3. Embrace your existence to serve others.

Coaching Tools

You will find tools that will help you refocus on what matters.  You can either go through adversity or you can grow throw adversity.

  1. Coach Notes: Adversity Triumph over Tragedy
  2. Video Notes: Adversity can disable you if you let it.  Be inspired that your life has meaning.  Don’t give up.  Romans 8:35-39 clearly state there is nothing that can separate you from the love of God.
  3. Video: God knows Best- When God gives and takes away!
  4. Video:Can I really Trust in God?  I hear that all the time!

As you rise to the mountain top with God several things happen. You gain perspective to meet the needs of others while not allowing circumstances of life affecting you.  You realize the sin which held you down no longer has power over you.

  1. Coaches NotesThe Master Key to living on the Mountain Top of Life
  2. Listen and Reflect “Through it all”
  3. Learn to live the Life God has called you to live.
  4. Listen and Reflect Song “Because of Who You Are”

Learn to fight from the freedom God has given you to counter sin and not for the freedom in your salvation.  Romans 8:35-39 states that nothing can separate you from His love.

  1. Learn how to get unstuck with repetitive sin.
  2. Steps that will help you unlock repetitive sin